Saturday, June 2: Magic Shows and Ghost Stories

Movie poster for “Christian Roane,” Sharad’s full-length film which he wrote, produced and directed.

On Saturday, June 2nd at 4 pm, we’ll be gathering at River Gallery to welcome Sharad Kant Patel, our 2012 Artist in Residence to Chelsea. In sharing his filmmaking background and process, Sharad will give a talk titled Magic Shows and Ghost Stories.

Sharad traces his filmmaking habit back to early childhood where he once put on magic shows for dinner guests and could always be found telling spooky stories. After a hilarious clip of a horror movie homage he created at the age of 11, he will present a collection of more recent short films, and then introduce us to details of his current project in production, his first feature length film; a grownup version of a ghost story using everything he’s learned since those early days.

Title card for Inebriatus Rex, a short film of Sharad’s.

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