Sharad’s An Apple a Day Featured on Ain’t It Cool News

Sharad’s short film An Apple a Day was featured in popular film and television review and news website Ain’t It Cool News.

The author prefaced Sharad’s film saying:

“Some movies you watch and you’re like “Man, I dug that, but I can’t put my finger on why.” This is the case for me with AN APPLE A DAY. The music, the fun colors… something about it emits a level of happiness and calmness that I can’t quite place, and then… let’s just say I really dig the ending.”

Here’s Sharad’s film and his own description of his work:

This is an extremely short film set in a surreal fantastic setting. It’s presented in the style of a silent film (no dialogue) but does have a score and minimal sound effects.  The most unique thing about this film is that I made it alone. I shot it, acted in it, edited it, created the effects, etc. And I shot the whole thing in a few hours one summer afternoon and spent one more day spicing up the colors and effects on my laptop. Even the music is an original composition I had created alone earlier.   I would set up a shot and then jump in front of the camera to act. There was no one else around. The only shot that has an outside helping hand was the bubbling foam texture towards the end. To get that footage (which looks quite plain without the color manipulation), I visited my girlfriend sculptor’s art studio and shot a close up of some resin she was mixing up for one of her own projects she was slaving away at.  I think that many times films (even short films) are always considered to be art by committee and collaboration over a long timely process. I wanted to author a film in the same way a solo artist might quickly paint a watercolor. I hope you like it!

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